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Cameroon NW Crisis

Cameroon NW Crisis

Interview: Florence Bouban 54yos. She has four children aged 12, 15, 20 and 30 years old. Arrived from Bafout to Bamenda in 2020. Escaped Bafout by foot with her children. Bafout is about 20km from Bamenda. Lived in the village with her family. Armed soldiers burnt down her house. They are started running. Men ran faster as army was looking for the men suspected to be part of the separatist group. This included her husband who ran quicker and in a different direction. She has not seen her husband since then (2020) and is unsure if he has been captured, arrested or is still alive. She ran for two days with her children, hid in the bush in between time to avoid being captured. She seeked refuge in town and is now renting a house in Bamenda for aout USD15 a month. She has a small shop/grocery at the front of the house which generates a small amount of money. She receives rations on a monthly basis from WFP and have been for the past 12 months. She lives with 2 of the younger children in Bamenda who are going to school and the older two are living in Yaounde.