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Cameroon NW Crisis

Cameroon NW Crisis

Jocelin Kemai, 35yos
5 children
Lives with husband and children
Arrived in Bamenda in 2018 from Oukou where there was conflict between non state armed groups and state security forces. They kidnapped her husband for a month and demanded ransom of 300k CFA Franc as ransom for his release. He spent 3 weeks in hospital due to physical assault during his kidnap. They left Oukou. Before that all happened, he had a car and he was a taxi driver. Non state armed groups took everything including the car. The house they are currently staying in on Bamenda belongs to a relative who moved to Canada with her family. They’re paying a token amount as rental.
She’s the sole income earner at the moment, sewing clothes. Her husband is still trying to find a job.