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Cameroon NW Crisis

Cameroon NW Crisis

Town of Bamenda where dispalaced population is living within host communities and assisted with small income generating proejcts.

Marie Claire, 1984, 39yo
She arrived in Bamenda in 2017. Has 4 children and one grandchild. She came with her children and grandchild from Bansoh in 2017. Her husband was a teacher in Bansoh. Due of his profession and the nature of the conflict, he was physically assaulted by non state armed groups and a ransom of 800k was demanded. All schools were closed in their village in 2017. Teachers were all targeted. When he was released, they decided to run away. They escaped to Bamenda and lived with her sister in law who gave them a room for her entire family. Husband and one of their daughters are still having nightmares due to the kidnapping and violent threats of death should she return to school.