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The future of Afghanistan is a changing landscape under Taliban rule. Afghans live in a time where peace teases. Is there really peace? A freedom to move within their own country, to hometowns they haven't seen for the past decades, something they weren’t able to do before when the discord raged on. Reduced crimes and corruption because of the imposition of Sharia Law, a change that is extreme yet strangely welcomed. Humanitarian agencies are now able to provide aid to and have the freedom to access large areas of Afghanistan, that is a definite positive.

Yet on the brink of collapse, Afghanistan isn’t offering the true freedom that her people crave. Basic human rights have been take away. Jobs are scarce and numbers are shrinking rapidly. The economy has been halved. What does the future hold for the next generations of Afghans?

Layer climate change on top it it all, even going back to the most basic of existence isn’t possible when access to water is in question, where livestock are dying, where people can no longer even grow their own food.

“No one will come save us this time. We have run out of hope…” a recurring message I got from the people of Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan need to stand as one.