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A series of self portraits taken during the COVID global pandemic lockdown. It was a means for self-expression, an attempt to regain my sanity and a coping mechanism for something I hope we never experience again.

A world presumed, consciousness unpressed,
My visions wild, possessed,
A seductress seemingly in distress.
Oh no, it was not I playing jezebel
It was I, tempted to dark depths
Likened to a lover’s grasp …
His breath, his caress…
A lustful pretext.

Intoxicated, I confess …
Recoiling scents …
Of rain ensuing a sultry descent
Of wood ablaze as it reinvents.
Awoken, obsessed …
Unfamiliar lands dispossessed
I yearn …
The hands behind the arabesque;
To feel alive as perils undress;
My mind, my body climax I do profess…
That love, that rush.. that slight mistrust …
So much to convey in a single roll,
Of thirty six and a world to behold!

Out of reach as my mind takes flight,
I lay caged,
By shadow and light.

Words & Images
Copyright of Liz Loh-Taylor and LLTPHOTOGRAPHY