ongoing projects

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Coexistence,  2010  |  Ongoing

An exploration of development/modernisation and ancient cultures, and their ability to coexist 


Hinguguay Beliuwa Ilomni, 2011  |  Ongoing

A study of Child-Headed Households (CHH's) in Africa.  This project examines the implication of HIV/AIDS from the perspective of the living, of those left behind and too young to fend for themselves. Every 14s, a CHH is being formed in the world.  This means that every 14s, a child is denied the rights to life, education, healthcare . . .


I am Pakistani and I am Not a Terrorist!

A project challenging popular media believes.  I believe in change through understanding and respect and this forms the basis of my projects.  The first part of this project will focus on the Eastern and Southern parts of Pakistan.  The project will continue on to the Western and Northern parts early 2012.



Human Trafficking in Australia  |  Starting Early 2012


Indigenous Australia, 2011  |  Starting soon

A deep dive into Aboriginal Australia, the history, the people, the culture and the future.  This project looks to explore Australian indigenous culture external to the political environment, with an aim to preserve ancient knowledge and to strengthen the understanding, trust and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  I truly believe in my heart that an increase in understanding is the key to reconciliation - an understanding of history and its significance to Indigenous Australians, an understanding of believes, culture and practises; and most importantly an understanding of who Indigenous Australians are as people, people like the lot of us, from different backgrounds, different belief and social systems, but simply just people.  There are extensive writings on Indigenous Australians. I hope to supplement these through a comprehensive photographic documentary.

The second part to this project is a series of roving 'Cameras for Kids' photography workshop in rural Australia - A project that aims to incite traditional knowledge and culture within younger generation indigenous children, a preservation of Australia's ancient culture and heritage through her people.