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Assignment for the World Food Programme (United Nations)
Abandoned topi's in an abandoned mosque as flood water consumed villageRoad submergedNaukot: Roads flooded, busineses destroyedAlmost 2 months later: Flood waters still not subsidedDead cotton plants amongst 688,000 hectares of agriculture destroyedMango trees consumed by algae as flood waters persist"The water came up to the line here"Getting some comfort from the unrelenting heatOne of many camp sites for the internally displaced6 women are due in the next week and will have their babies in the camps for the internally displaceSome babies have been born at camps for the internally displacedMy family took everything we can grab in both hands and ran for our livesAwaiting ration outside a WFP distribution centreCamp for the displacedRations queue at distribution centreWidowed woman waiting to be signed up for monthly rations